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Welcome to the virtual office/porch of Juliet Waters, a Montreal based writer, critic and journalist.

I’m a generalist, happiest reading about and interviewing as many different kinds of people as possible, from neuroscientists to fashion designers. I‘ve been writing about writers for almost twenty years as the former books editor at The Montreal Mirror and Flare, and a contributor to CBC radio and the Canadian publishing industry magazine Quill & Quire. A single parent and sometimes travel writer, I’m also the author of Fodor’s Around Montreal With Kids.

    • My love of books is often found arm wrestling with my like of TV. In 2010, I recapped the HBO shows In Treatment and True Blood for Salon.


    • In 2011, I spent a month as a resident artist in the Literary Journalism Program at the Banff Centre, where they gave me the same cabin Joni Mitchell used when she was a resident artist (that’s our piano up there. I’m sorry to say my actual office looks nothing like that).


    • In 2012, I decided to learn how to code with my son, Ben, and started familycoding.com.


    • In January 2013, I received a grant from the Conseil Des Arts et Lettres du Quebec to start developing a book about the experience and insight gained from this year gaining “code literacy”. And in November I won the Quebec Writers Federation 3Mac Carte Blanche Prize for this essay, Bluefooted ( which provides something of an explanation for this website’s header, in case you were wondering.)


  • In January 2014, just after writing this Op-Ed for the New York Times, I started working with Kids Code Jeunesse, a Montreal based non-profit with the mission to make sure that elementary school student in Canada has the opportunity to learn to code. I also received a Canada Council grant to keep working on my book, which is why I haven’t been blogging that much this year.

I do, however, hope to get back to that soon!

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  1. Hi Juliet – your mom was telling me what a great op ed you wrote. How about posting a link so that I can read it. Your cousin Tim. Merry Christmas.

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