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  1. Hey JW, I’m a fellow scribbler in the beloved province of Ontario. I also submitted my work in hopes of getting a grant of $12,000 a number of months back, though was unsuccessful. I see by the list that you were 1 of 11 writerly people across Canada to be awarded some dough. Good on you, excellent. You must tell me, just what is it like to get such a monstrous cheque like that towards working further on your projects? Though I was tremendously pleased at the time, I’ve gotten meager assistance, $2000.00 from the Toronto Arts Council about 6 years ago and $1500 from the Ontario Arts Council a couple years back. Anyway, hope you don’t mind a overly creepy but curious writer put a few queries your way. I’m still at work on my first book, finished really, though pursuing an agent/publisher has been hard going, have been looking south of the border too, have had some interest, here and there, but, well, you know the drill as I see you’ve been a critic/reviewer for a number of years also, you’ve been on both sides.

    Anyway, again, way to go.


    Timber Masterson

    • Hi Timber,

      It is an awesome feeling. Honestly more the peer respect than the money, which does run out and forces you to confront the b.s. of I don’t have enough time, money. Because even with time and money writing is still hard, and you still have to drag yourself to the chair everyday. But I’ve also received that sorry, no go letter from the Canada Council too, so I’ve lived with that burn. The worst was the year I messed up the dates on my project, making myself ineligible. They wouldn’t let me correct it! All I can say is keep trying. And same goes with agents. You have to take a boxer’s pride in all the bruises on your ego. When you find an agent/editor/whoever who really gets what you’re doing, all the pain on the way makes the sense of accomplishment even better. Good luck, and don’t worry too much about pestering people with questions. Worry more about the cost of curling up too long with your wounds.

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